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My 15 minutes of Tumblr fame: Larry, Twitter and Hate like never before.

So I’ve finally just sat down to chill after about 3 hours of being in the middle of a world wide fandom conspiracy filled meltdown. Now, just before I begin. I AM a Larry Stylinson shipper. I DO think Eleanor Calder is pretending to be Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend. I do not HATE her in anyway. I believe Modest Management have a role in how the media portrays One Direction, especially Harry (as a womanizer etc). 

Awhile ago I was scrolling the Larry tag when I saw a link to an ancestry website, with Eleanor Calder’s family tree. I thought this was interesting and had a look. MURRAY CALDER was listed as her father. I thought nothing of it, and went on scrolling. Now, a few hours ago, posted this:

This post links MURRAY CALDER to a large media company, that has financial interests in many companies that 1D is associated with, including SYCO and SONY. This was where it all started. Soon after the post, other posts showed up in the Larry tag with links to family trees, online profiles and most importantly, MURRAY CALDER’S Twitter account. This is where I come in. I tweeted Murray Calder this tweet:

Now, looking back it was a mistake, but not for the reasons I was blamed for. It was a mistake because WE DON’T KNOW for sure that this is Eleanor’s dad. It could just be coincidence. Because I was one of the first to find the original post that ‘bullshippingstylinson’ made and also because of the family tree I had found months previously, I sent this tweet, not thinking that ANY of this would become SUCH a big deal. Within minutes of sending this tweet, the Larry tag BLEW UP. Many shippers decided we should stay in ‘submarine mode’ and not expose our findings on    Twitter or other social media, for fear that Management would find out. 


Like I said, within minutes of sending this tweet the Larry tag blew up. Not just with shippers talking about the discovery of Murray Calder and his connections to the media, but shippers talking about ME, and more importantly the tweet I sent. Now when I first sent the tweet, I assumed many other tweets would follow. Historically in the One Direction fandom, tweets are sent in droves to almost ANYONE somewhat associated with various parts of the fandom and any scandal, eg. Emma Ostilly, Ben Harvey, Amy Green etc etc. But no, this time was different. Only myself and one other twitter user ‘Horanydirection’ (who has since deleted) had send tweets to Murray Calder. As soon as I saw what was happening on the Larry tag regarding our tweets, I deleted mine, hoping to avoid any backlash. I was not prepared for the hate and attention I was about to receive. 

This was the first one that I became aware of. 

I don’t appreciate any tweets of mine being associated with a death wish. 

Death threats and accusations of ‘Brain Damage’:

More Death threats:

And what was most definitely the worst one:

I have NEVER been called a c**t in my life. I was so disgusted and taken back by this. And I have no problem with including the url’s in the screen shot. I believe they should be named and shamed. Why did I deserve this kind of hate? What did I do? I tweeted someone, a guy that could be Eleanor’s dad. So what? Does this affect you? Do my actions deserve that response? No. 

I don’t believe that what I did constituted that response from other Tumblr users. 

It continued for hours.

An anon was sending this message to various accounts, even after I had deleted the tweet. I appreciate linked-in-stars mature response.

I am NOT an Elounor shipper, and I don’t appreciate you wanting to ‘shit on everything I love’. 

Once again, I am not an Elounor shipper, like this post says.

Sick of the hate and attention that I was receiving (I was literally ALL OVER the Larry tag), I produced this response: 

(Please excuse the offensive language). After posting this, I received three varying anons. The first one was obviously misinformed as I had deleted the tweet, the second obviously takes Tumblr too seriously and the third was not comforting. 

Here, just to show that I indeed was all over the tag is just a post from someone who just logged in. 

I guess the point of this whole post was to show just how cruel and ruthless some people in the fandom can be. Never have I seen or experienced this kind of hate. Now let’s just revisit the reason for all this hate: I sent a tweet to Murray Calder, a man who may or may not be Eleanor Calder’s father, which I later deleted. That was all. I did not send hate to Eleanor, her family or ANY of the members of 1D or anyone affiliated with them. I asked a simple question. That is all. I did not put Harry or Louis in any danger nor did I hurt them. So my question is, why did I deserve this? What possessed some Larry shippers to take it so far? I love Louis and Harry together and always have. I believe in their love, as I hope others do. I used to hear and read about people calling Larry shippers ‘crazy’ and ‘vicious’, but having never seen or experience it myself I didn’t believe it. Now, from what has happened to me I understand just how cruel some people in this fandom can be, to one of their own no less. What happened to just supporting the boys in all they do and being happy for them no matter what? I’m sick of the hunting, the spying, the conspiracy theories. I will forever believe in Larry. But since when did this fandom become more about the politics than the music? To me, One Direction will always be the carefree boys on the stairs, and to them, we should always be their loyal fans who stick by them no matter what. Directioners are a FAMILY. Or at least we were. Let’s remember why we are here. For them. As their supporters. Their family. Forever. 

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